Select Wrought Iron Moveable Playtop Cockatiel Cage

Cockatiel Cages should have more than enough room for your cockatiel. A interior measuring 18Lx18Wx32H is perfect which makes the Select Wrought Iron Cockatiel Cage a comfortable living space for your cockatiel or cockatiels. This awesome playtop bird cage is available in several finishes and this playtop cage features an 4-way all around seed guard for catching all your bird’s messy food garbage hehe. I love the removable drawer which makes cleaning the cage easy and the base/stand uses four heavy duty casters wheels making birdcages easy to move.

There are four stainless steel feeder cups; two for the interior and two for the top. A perch is included for your bird to enjoy inside the cage while a play perch and ladder will keep him busy up on top while you get some chores done. This cage is rarely found in any retail store but does come in the colors black, cocoa, pewter, sage and white.

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Select Wrought Iron Moveable Playtop Cockatiel Cage, 7.1 out of 10 based on 11 ratings

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  1. Beth   January 8th, 2013

    We had two male cockatiels have been cage mates for 10 years. They were both 12 years old. One passed away at the vets last Sat. The other one is fine except he is in mourning. Do you think he will adjust to being a single. Once he is gone we won’t get another bird. It was my young daughters but she went off to college and birdie stayed with me. etc. Any suggestions to keep him from being lonely. I’d rather be proactive.