Quick Help Guide When Bringing Your New Bird Home

When you bring your new bird home, whether it’s a baby bird or an adopted older bird, reduce stress by allowing it time to become accustomed to its new surroundings.

Here’s the 3 things overlooked by many people looking or bringing home a new pet bird into the family!

Quarantine: When a new bird come into a home where pet birds already reside, the new bird should be quarantined (kept separately) for approximately 60 days to ensure the safety of all birds that are around.

*Ask your local avian veterinarian what specific quarantine procedures you should follow.

Bonding: Many parrot species choose one mate for life. Your bird may exhibit this monogamous trait by choosing one favorite person usually someone living in the same household. It is not unusual though for them to get attached to someone not living in the same place such as a friend or family member. Remember, it’s their call… not yours.

*Always supervise your child or any children when handling birds.

Flock Mentality: Often people forget all birds are wild, looking to the flock for survival and therefore must cooperate with others. Each “flock member” has its place. Your pet bird may decide that your children or other pets are “below” him in the pecking order. This can be fixed overtime but requires much effort, time and patience. Exercise caution when your bird is near children; do not leave them unattended.

A good quote I like is “To thrive, flock members must get along with all members of the family!”

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  1. Dr. Cockatiel   May 22nd, 2016

    Hello Adam and thank you for your kind words. It really means more to me than you realize! Take care.

  2. Adam   May 22nd, 2016

    Great information about what to do and remember after bring your cockatiel or any parrot home. Been following you for along time and love your work, keep it up doctor cockatiel!